We Put ‘Super’ in Superficial Small Groups

Does your small group barely scratch the surface when it comes to building deep relationships and studying God’s Word together?

The following video is a hilarious example of a shallow small group. Too bad it’s often true. I love it when humor is used to expose our inconsistencies. Check it out:

If you are trying to find some training resources for small group leaders rightnowtraining.org might be a good place to start. They are the ones that produced the above video but they also have a lot of training videos that deal with specific topics related to leading small groups. Some of the most influential voices in the small group space are featured in their archives.

Have you used rightnowtraining.org for your small group leader development? Do you have other small group resources that you recommend? Feel free to link to them in the comments. While you’re at it, describe a breakthrough moment when your small group went deeper in your understanding of God and/or one another.