Embodying Our Faith by Tim Morey [Review]

Book Review: Embodying Our Faith: Becoming a Living, Sharing, Practicing Church by Tim Morey (InterVarsity Press)

Tim Morey (D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary) is a church planter and pastor. His church, Life Covenant Church is located in Torrance, California. He is also on the national church planting team for the Evangelical Covenant Church and is an adjunct professor teaching practical theology at Talbot School of Theology.

Tim Morey asks, “How do we bring the message of Jesus to a culture that is deeply skeptical about truth claims, rejects metanarratives (such as the gospel), considers the church a suspect institution, takes offense at moral judgments and believes any religion will lead them to God?”

When put that way, our task seems a bit overwhelming. However, Morey does a great job of developing a philosophy of church planting while simultaneously making evangelism in a postmodern context a simpler concept to understand.

Networking, Resourcing, and Multiplying the Local Church

I started blogging in 2004 to chronicle my move from New Orleans to Boston to become a church planter. Seven years later I’m starting fresh with blogging. This is my first post at nathancreitz.net.

A lot has developed in the past seven years. I met, dated and married my wife; I graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity; my wife and I had a girl and now have a boy on the way.

A lot has remained the same over the past seven years. I’m passionate about engaging a post-Christian culture with the Gospel; I’m energized by making disciples; I’m committed to networking, resourcing, and multiplying the local church.

With all that in mind, I wanted to start fresh with a new blog. This blog will focus on my
role as a disciple maker and church leader. I want to share what I’m learning as a young, local church leader. I want to share what I’m learning as I make disciples. I want to share what I’m learning about ministry in a post-Christian context. I want to share what I’m learning as I spend time with God in prayer and in the Word.

This won’t be a leadership blog or a theology blog or a technology blog. This will be a blog that combines all of those issues (and more) that might face a local church leader. As I share things that I’m learning I hope you will take a moment and join the conversation.

If you’d like to learn more about me, here’s a link to my bio. I will also add sermon audio and videos from time to time so you might want to check out my media page. I’d love to hear from you, either in the comments section, on Twitter, or you can contact me via email.