Eight Christian Books on the Amazon Kindle for A Dollar

Do you use a Kindle or a Kindle app? Do you enjoy reading notable Christian authors? Do you love a good deal?

Today I was scanning through some .99 Kindle eBooks and found a number of Christian authors that I highly recommend. Of course, you can scan through the 1.99 and the 2.99 deals or the religion & spirituality section for yourself but check out what I found in the “less than a dollar” section (sorted by bestselling):

Do you recommend any of these books? Do you use an eReader? Found any other good deals? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

Would Jesus Do Multi-Site? #WJDMS

Would Jesus start a multi-site church? This is the question that stuck with me when I finished watching the video of two multi-site guys and one who is theologically against multi-site. However, none of these three men ever ask this question. In fact, as engaging as this video was, there are a lot of questions that they never address that I’d love to hear them answer. Watch the video and then join the discussion. Are there questions you would’ve asked?

Here are a few of my questions:

1. Would Jesus start a multi-site church? If He had the technology then that we have now would He have used it? Jesus was incarnational and attractional but I don’t see Him as being attractional in the same way that MacDonald and Driscoll are attractional.

2. Would Paul start a multi-site church? When Paul said I have become all things to all people so that by all means I might save some does “all things” and “all means” include video venues? If he could’ve spoken via video to the Church in Colossae, Philippi, Ephesus and Galatia all at the same time, would he? Isn’t Paul’s statement largely about contextualization and not about indiscriminately using everything the culture uses when communicating ideas?