Multiethnic Church Planting in Queens

Queens Unisphere

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity for my family.

In addition to launching a disciple making writing project, we decided to move to Queens to start an English speaking multiethnic church plant.

More about that in a minute.

Meanwhile, on the blog, I’ve written several articles that struck a nerve. If you missed The Pastor Driven Church, I’d like to invite you to join the conversation. Also, today picked up one of my articles called Making Disciple-Making Disciples and republished it on their site for, well, church leaders. Head on over there and check it out and tweet it or share it on facebook.

But the biggest news is obviously our decision to move to Queens. I have several years of church planting experience in the Northeast but I really feel like a novice in many ways. I put together a Queens Fact Sheet that you’re welcome to check out. Or, you can subscribe to my newsletter to stay in the loop especially on the eBook and the church plant journey. In the weeks ahead, I’ll also share bits and pieces of our story here on the blog.

Discipleship In Church Planting

I was having a conversation yesterday with someone about the lack of disciple making in new churches and in established churches. It seems that many church leaders know how to implement small groups and preach sermons but few know how to make and model disciple making on a personal level.

The reason I was talking about this is because I am beginning work on an eBook about the path to making disciples. I want to encourage Christians that they can make a disciple in the next 12 months who will make a new disciple in the next 24 months. I’ll share more details soon on the blog (I’ve already share the details to my newsletter contacts).

But in the meantime, my friend J.D. Payne has written an eBook on discipleship and church planting that is a great resource.

J. D. is a National Missionary with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and an Associate Professor of Church Planting and Evangelism in the Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. where he directs the Center for North American Missions and Church Planting.

I love J. D.’s definition of church planting: “Biblical church planting is evangelism that results in new churches”. (For my particular focus, I might modify the definition to “Biblical church planting is intentional disciple making that results in new churches”.)

Embodying Our Faith by Tim Morey [Review]

Book Review: Embodying Our Faith: Becoming a Living, Sharing, Practicing Church by Tim Morey (InterVarsity Press)

Tim Morey (D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary) is a church planter and pastor. His church, Life Covenant Church is located in Torrance, California. He is also on the national church planting team for the Evangelical Covenant Church and is an adjunct professor teaching practical theology at Talbot School of Theology.

Tim Morey asks, “How do we bring the message of Jesus to a culture that is deeply skeptical about truth claims, rejects metanarratives (such as the gospel), considers the church a suspect institution, takes offense at moral judgments and believes any religion will lead them to God?”

When put that way, our task seems a bit overwhelming. However, Morey does a great job of developing a philosophy of church planting while simultaneously making evangelism in a postmodern context a simpler concept to understand.

How to Raise Funds, Recruit Prayer Partners and Plant Churches

Though I lived for four years on full-time support as a church planter in Boston, I am far from an expert on this topic.

Though I had people on my prayer team from dozens of countries and all over the US, I am far from an expert on this topic.

Though I helped plant a church in Boston, I feel I made more mistakes than successes.

I am no expert here!!!

On the other hand, I know good talent when I see it and I want to highlight a blog of some friends of mine who I think are starting their journey to plant churches well.

The Bennett’s Journey to Paris

My friends Ryan and Erin Bennett are partnering with World Team to plant churches in Paris, France. They have been blogging about their journey, sending partnership letters, and recruiting prayer partners.

Here are a few things they are doing well:

1. They live now the way they hope to live then

Right now, Ryan and Erin are in the US working jobs, raising support, praying, studying, and more importantly, practicing obedience to God. Ryan organizes the small groups at his local church and has a vision to see those groups mature and multiply in a context similar to the one he and Erin will be in in Paris. They both are active in outreach through their local church and are a part of a prayer counseling team at their church. If you want to be successful at church planting, you need to be “faithful in a few things…” now.