The Big News, Bad News, and Best News Gospel Tract

A New Gospel Tract And How You Can Use It Effectively

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.31.15 PMI never know how I feel about gospel tracts. Actually, most gospel tracts are just fine, but it’s the use of them I find to be appalling at times.

There have been times when I have flat out refused to use gospel tracts but I’m now discovering that I like to have some on hand in case I have a gospel discussion with someone and want to leave him something to reflect on later.

The problem I have with gospel tracts is that many are poorly made, have poor theology, and are handed out like it’s no different from a We Buy Gold! flyer. We cheapen the gospel when we sink to tactics like dropping a “million dollar bill” tract on the ground hoping that someone will pick it up. Or, another tactic I’ve heard is after you use a public restroom, leave a gospel tract in the toilet paper roll for the next person to discover.

Nothing conveys the incomparable value of Jesus’ sacrifice and glorious resurrection quite like discovering a cheap, unhygienic gospel tract just before you flush.

If your personal evangelism strategy includes dropping gospel tracts on the ground or hiding them in a roll of toilet paper you might need to rethink the gospel.

Mark 2 Discussion Guide for Disciple Makers

12 More Questions To Guide A New Disciple Towards Maturity

discussion-guide-for-disciplers-markThis is the second post in a series of discussion guides on Mark’s Gospel that can be used by disciple makers with new disciples. These questions are intended to help a new disciple learn how to study the Bible and apply the Word to his or her life.

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Discussion Guide For Disciple Makers (Mark 2:1-28)

  1. Jesus’ popularity has grown so much that when He returns home to Capernaum many people gathered to see and hear Him. By way of review, what were some of the things Jesus did in chapter 1 that led to this explosive popularity?
  2. Four men bring a paralyzed man to Jesus. What were the obstacles in their way and what were they willing to do to get to Jesus? Why?
  3. What is the significance of Jesus telling the paralyzed man that his sins are forgiven? Why not just heal him?
  4. What evidence does Jesus give that He is the Son of God in verses 1-12?
  5. Why does Jesus refer to Himself as the Son of Man when Mark wants us to see Him as God’s Son (see Mark 1:1)?
  6. Jesus chose a tax collector named Levi (or Matthew) to follow Him. What does this tell us about who God chooses? What does it tell us about who we should share Jesus with?
  7. What can we learn about following Jesus from Levi’s response?
  8. When Jesus responds to the critical scribes and Pharisees (verse 17) He gives an explanation for why He came. As His follower, how does Jesus’ purpose influence our purpose?
  9. What is the point Jesus is making about fasting in verses 18-22 in His explanation of grooms, garments, and wineskins?
  10. What is the appropriate way to view the Sabbath according to Jesus?
  11. What is the most remarkable thing you learned about Jesus in this chapter?
  12. What does this chapter inspire you to do to be more like Jesus?

Additional Resources

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Mark 1 Discussion Guide For Disciple Makers

12 Questions You Can Use To Guide A New Disciple Towards Maturity

The Bible is the best resource for disciple makers. And the Gospel of Mark is my favorite place to start a discussion with a new disciple.

discussion-guide-for-disciplers-markThere are a lot of helpful resources available to help disciple makers guide a disciple in his new walk with Jesus.

Some resources are for the disciple maker.

Books, sermons, podcasts, conferences, and blog posts are easily accessible online to help a disciple make disciples.

Other resources are for the brand new disciple.

Again, there is no shortage of books, articles, booklets, and online resources to help a disciple grow.

But the greatest foundation is laid when a disciple maker and a new disciple meet face-to-face and work through a passage of Scripture together. Studying the Bible is not the only skill a new disciple needs to develop, but it is essential.