New book from Michael Hyatt about building a Platform

My friend Michael Hyatt is one of the top bloggers in the world on leadership and social media. He is the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He has just released an amazing new book for anyone with something to say or sell called Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

Platform offers a step-by-step guide with proven strategies, practical tips and easy-to-replicate formulas. Whether you are an author, pastor, public speaker, entrepreneur, musician, or small business owner… developing your platform is critical for your success.

Keep reading to learn how you can receive $375 worth of free bonus content when you purchase the book between May 21 and May 25.

Usually a mark of a good book is when someone says, “I couldn’t put the book down!” Well, I find the opposite to be true with Platform. I kept putting the book down so that I could improve my own platform. Each short chapter is extremely practical and immediately actionable.

What exactly is a platform?

In Michael’s own words, “A platform is the thing you have to stand on to get heard. It’s your stage. But unlike a stage in the theater, today’s platform is not built of wood or concrete or perched on a grassy hill. Today’s platform is built of people. Contacts. Connections. Followers.” This book is not intended to show you how to use people. Instead, the focus is on broadcasting your life-changing message or innovative product to the people who may need it most. If you’ve got “something to say or sell” then “Platform” is a must-read.

The book is broken up into bite-sized chunks organized into five parts. The first part deals with your content (your message or product) and how to make it more compelling. In the next four parts, Michael outlines practical steps necessary in building your platform so that you can broadcast your message or deliver your product to as many people as possible. Some of these tips include developing your blog content, increasing twitter followers, branding your self or your product, monetizing your blog, Facebook tips, securing raving endorsements, and more.

If you have something to say or sell, “Platform” is going to become your playbook to help you say it louder or sell it faster. After all, people need to hear or discover what you have to offer.

How To Receive Michael’s Special Offer

For a limited time, if you purchase a copy of Platform ($13.76 on Amazon) you can get an additional $375 worth of content including a Platform Video Jumpstart Program (six sessions), How to Write a Winning Book Proposal (two e-books and two audio sessions), Why NOW is the Best Time Ever to Be an Author (hour-long video), Digital Versions of Platform (audio and eBook), and more!

  1. Purchase Platform. You can chose from any online retailer or your local bookseller. The book retails for $24.99, but many retailers are selling it for $15—give or take.
  2. E-mail Michael a copy of the receipt. You can simply forward a copy of the receipt from your online retailer to If you buy a physical copy from a local retailer, scan the receipt and e-mail it to the same address. It’s that simple.
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I highly recommend this book. Not only is it a great book (I’ve read it and have followed Michael’s blog for years) but it’s probably the best deal I’ve seen in a while. But you have to do it this week! The offer is only good through May 25th.

To find out more information about the book and the special offer, go to

What do you have to say or sell that warrants a larger platform? Feel free to link to your product, blog, book, or idea in the comments section.

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  • I have insights that others do not have. They deserve to be shared. And I’ve started to share them due to people like Michael Hyatt.

  • What a great point to be made and in a very appropriate time in Human history.  I can’t wait to start reading his book