Mark 3 Discussion Guide for Disciple Makers

12 More Questions To Guide A New Disciple Towards Maturity

discussion-guide-for-disciplers-markThis is the third post in a series of discussion guides on Mark’s Gospel that can be used by disciple makers with new disciples. These questions are intended to help a new disciple learn how to study the Bible and apply the Word to his or her life.

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Discussion Guide For Disciple Makers (Mark 3:1-35)

  1. [vv. 1-2] Why do you think the Pharisees in the synagogue were watching Jesus closely? What were they hoping to accuse Jesus of doing?
  2. [vv. 3-5] Before Jesus heals the man’s hand, what argument does He make for doing good on the Sabbath?
  3. What does Jesus’ power to heal reveal about Him? When Jesus said, “Stand before us” to the man with the paralyzed hand, what was His purpose?
  4. [v. 6] What is significant about the fact that Pharisees and Herodians are plotting together to destroy Jesus?
  5. [vv. 7-12] Verses 7-12 summarize Jesus’ popularity. What are some reasons Jesus silences the unclean spirits when they truthfully cry out that He is the Son of God?
  6. [vv. 13-19] Jesus hand picks His disciples and names them apostles. What does He appoint them to do and what can we learn about our own path for following Jesus?
  7. [vv. 20-22] Since becoming a Christ follower, have you suffered rejection from family or friends? How have you handled that? Does it help to know that even Jesus was considered crazy by His family at first?
  8. [vv. 23-30] How does Jesus respond to the charge that He is Beelzebul and that He has an unclean spirit? What point does He make to the scribes?
  9. What does it mean to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit?
  10. [vv. 31-35] How does Jesus describe His true family? What is the application to your life personally?
  11. What is the most remarkable thing you learned about Jesus in this chapter?
  12. What does this chapter inspire you to do to be more like Jesus?

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