Mark 1 Discussion Guide For Disciple Makers

12 Questions You Can Use To Guide A New Disciple Towards Maturity

The Bible is the best resource for disciple makers. And the Gospel of Mark is my favorite place to start a discussion with a new disciple.

discussion-guide-for-disciplers-markThere are a lot of helpful resources available to help disciple makers guide a disciple in his new walk with Jesus.

Some resources are for the disciple maker.

Books, sermons, podcasts, conferences, and blog posts are easily accessible online to help a disciple make disciples.

Other resources are for the brand new disciple.

Again, there is no shortage of books, articles, booklets, and online resources to help a disciple grow.

But the greatest foundation is laid when a disciple maker and a new disciple meet face-to-face and work through a passage of Scripture together. Studying the Bible is not the only skill a new disciple needs to develop, but it is essential.

Over the next 16 weeks I will be making discussion guides available for each chapter in the book of Mark. You can subscribe to be notified when a new guide is posted, or click to download a free PDF of these questions.

Discussion Guide For Disciple Makers (Mark 1:1-45)

  1. What does verse one tell you about Jesus’ identity? What do the terms “gospel” and “Christ” tell us about Jesus and Mark’s Gospel?
  2. What did you learn about John in this first chapter?
  3. Why were people being baptized by John? Why was Jesus baptized?
  4. What temptations do you face? What does it mean that Jesus also experienced temptations?
  5. Compare the preaching of John and Jesus. How was their message the same? How was their message different?
  6. Who did Jesus tell to follow Him? What can we learn about following Jesus from these first disciples?
  7. What was so astonishing about Jesus’ teaching? What were some of the results of Jesus’ teaching?
  8. Why was Jesus able to heal the sick? What does His willingness to help people tell us about Him?
  9. What were some of Jesus’ personal habits and goals?
  10. Why did Jesus tell the man not to say anything about being healed? What happened?
  11. What is the most remarkable thing you learned about Jesus in this chapter?
  12. What does this chapter inspire you to do to be more like Jesus?
Bonus: Grab a PDF copy of these discussion questions (Click to Download).

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