About Nathan Creitz

Hi, I’m Nathan Creitz. I am the founder of City Life Church in Queens, NY. Queens is often referred to as “The World’s Borough” because of the diversity and population density and City Life Church is located right in the middle of the action.


My mission is to make, mature, and mobilize disciples of, for, and to all nations. In short, I want to help disciples make disciples.

To that end, I write on spiritual growth, stewardship, disciple making, leadership, and preaching. On occasion, I write on specialized topics like church planting, urban missions, homeschooling, and social media.

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can put to work in your life today. Whether you are in full-time ministry or not, if you consider yourself a follower of Jesus then this blog is for you.

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About Me

Since June 2004, I have been involved in making disciples and planting churches in the Northeast. But the best thing that has happened in that time is that I met and married my beautiful wife Kim. Shortly after we got married we moved outside of Boston so that I could complete my MDiv at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


The second best thing that has happened is that we now have three children, Zoe, Zachary, and Caleb

Overall, I have been in ministry for 18 years and my desire is to help disciples make disciples. This passion has taken me to a dozen nations and to many places throughout the U.S. My speaking page gives details about my availability and upcoming events (currently limited to 4 travel engagements per year).

In 2011, our family moved to Queens, NY to begin making disciples and planting churches in the most diverse and densely populated city in the U.S. New York City is the most influential city in the U.S. and in the Western world and is the definition of a secular, post-Christian society. In our neighborhood alone, there are 100,000 people within one mile of our church. One out of every five people in my neighborhood is from an Unreached People Group.

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